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Band Zercher Good Mornings

We’re back with another at home exercise this week. These Band Zercher Good Mornings are easy to do at home with minimal equipment (all you need is a band). Not only does the “zercher” part strengthen your core, but this movement also promotes lower back health and strength, glute and hamstring development, and upper back strength. Check it out!


Zercher Squats

Today we're showcasing the Zercher Squat. This powerhouse move works multiple areas of your body. This move has the benefits of a regular squat (legs, quads and glutes), but combines super core activation to work your abs at the same time. It also helps safeguard your lower back as there is less of a potential of pulling or injuring it, and helps take the pressure off your spine by putting the weight at your mid torso. As if all that isn't enough, you'll even get a bonus shoulder workout.

A big thank you to our Jtab squat model Aaron Binek.


Mini Band Upper Body Workout pt. 2 of 2

The mini band is back and welcome to pt. 2, upper body. Today we're using the mini band to work not only your arms, but your core and midsection as well. 

All 3 of these exercises can be done at home, without the use of extra weights, while still getting an excellent strength workout. These exercises will help you strengthen your shoulders,back and arms, tighten your core and burn calories. Combine these with the lower body workout in pt. 1 and you'll have a great, full body workout.




Jtab Tip: Stop the Pain From Shoveling

Shoveled lots this weekend? Well, we're guessing you used the same side and hand to do it, right?  And now you're feeling the effects today? Well that oblique is overworked and need to re-fire the other side oblique. Hold a heavy Dumbbell, Kettlebell , or whatever you have in the house house on same side that you shoveled with to get the other side firing up. Check out the video below to learn more!


Move of the Week: Plank Variations

Anyone that has ever exercised, or knows anyone that exercises, knows that planks are one of the best all over body workouts. They rock your core, arms and legs in one fell swoop. However, holding a plank for 60 seconds or more can get really boring, and instead of feeling like a good all over workout, they can start to feel like a chore.

Today we've got the cure for plank ADD. The multiple variations in this video will help you maximize your plank workout while combating the boredom that comes with holding a plank for a long time. So, get out there and get planking.


Jtab December Challenge - Glutes and Core

Just because it's the holiday season, doesn't mean you should let yourself go. In between the holiday eating and parties, jump on into our December challenge to keep your muscles firing and burning calories all month long. First, check out the video below to learn the proper form, then be sure to visit our Facebook page each day for a new challenge. Everybody get out there and get going!


Move of the Week: Full Body Exercise Ball Workout

Even though it's after Labor Day, summer is not over! With temperatures in the 80's this week, chances are you're still going to be wearing those shorts, tank tops and dresses, which means you have to keep all those parts looking good! Today we're featuring 2 exercises you can do on a ball that will work your entire body.

The first is called a Reverse Hyper and focuses on your glutes and hamstrings. Remember to keep your core tight and squeeze your glutes at the top for maximum impact.

The second is called "Stir The Pot" and is not only excellent for your entire core but will get your shoulders firing and looking great in those tank tops.


Move of the Week: Renegade Rows into Shoulder Press

Today's move is a killer... a total body killer that is. These 2 exercises are a great combination that can be done at home with some light dumbbells. By combining the two exercises you're going to get a great shoulder, back, core AND glute exercise to leave your entire body feeling tight and toned.

The first is a Renegade Row that is perfect for your core and upper back. Remember to keep your abs tight and your back flat as you pull the weights up and back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull the weight back to really work your upper back.

The second workout is a Kneeling Press. Keep your glutes and core engaged as you push the weights up over your head to really work the top of your shoulders. If you're feeling strain you can put your hands in a more neutral grip to take pressure off your shoulders.


Move of the Week: Ball Roll Out/Walk Out

Today's Move-of-the-Week takes the plank to a whole new level. Using the instability of a ball (or walking out if you don't have one) it forces your core, shoulders and glutes to work harder to keep you balanced. This move is great for an awesome core workout, as well as shoulder stability and glute strength.

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  • Keep your knees, hips and shoulders in line
  • Keep your core tight
  • Pull down using your lats to move back and forth


Move of the Week: Hard "Core" Ab Exercise

Ok we're not "ducking" around any more (thanks autocorrect!). Summer is basically around the corner and we're working the abs today to get ready for it. Today's Core Exercise is all about rocking the plank PLUS getting a nice hip stretch while doing it. You know we love double duty workouts and today is no exception.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Keep core tight and engaged the entire time
  • Do NOT rock your hips while getting up. Keep your body straight.
  • Pull your knee up for a nice hip stretch


Move of the Week: Bird Dog

Ok, who doesn't love an all over workout in one move? Want something even better? This full body workout move can be done at home! As in, inside your house where no one needs to see you.

Today's move is call the Bird Dog. This move rocks your core and glutes as well as focuses on shoulder stability and strength. Can you get any better than that?

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Keep your core tight and your lower back flat
  • Keep your toes pointed down throughout the movement
  • Keep your body flat and level as you push your leg and opposite arm out


Move Monday - Plank Threesome

With temperatures reaching the mid 60's this week it has us thinking about the summer and bathing suit season. In order to get ready for the warm weather, today we have a plank threesome that is guaranteed to get your core (and the rest of your body) burning. This is a  combination of three different moves including a rocking plank, side-to-side plank, and hip rotational plank to work all sides of your core

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Keep your core engaged and tight
  • Keep your quads and glutes tight
  • Keep your head straight
  • When moving your hips always return back to home before moving to the other side.