arm workout


Summer Ready Arm and Shoulder Workout

Spring and summer are around the corner which means so are summer fashions. Arms and shoulders are about to be on display, so now is the time to make sure they are show-ready.

This is a giant set, so make sure you have all weights and bands ready to go. 

  • Zottman Cus for all forearm and bicep work

  • Band Pushdowns for tricep work

  • Face pulls for back shoulder work

  • Lateral raises for front and lateral shoulder work.

Shoot for a few rounds, 10-12 reps each exercise. 


Mini Band Upper Body Workout pt. 2 of 2

The mini band is back and welcome to pt. 2, upper body. Today we're using the mini band to work not only your arms, but your core and midsection as well. 

All 3 of these exercises can be done at home, without the use of extra weights, while still getting an excellent strength workout. These exercises will help you strengthen your shoulders,back and arms, tighten your core and burn calories. Combine these with the lower body workout in pt. 1 and you'll have a great, full body workout.




At Home Strength and Fat Burning Exercises

Today we're all about bringing it back to the basics. We're talking squats and pushups. You may be thinking to yourself, "I already know how to do those, why are you bringing them up?" Because they work! There's a reason they've been and stayed popular for so long and that is because they are easy, effective and almost everyone has the ability to do them without any extra equipment. 

If you're looking for something to start getting you back in summer shape, that's what we're bringing to you today. We're breaking down these 2 basic exercises and showing you how you can increase their difficulty as well as turn them into fat burning workouts.


Move of the Week: Bi's and Tri's with Only 5lb Weights

Almost everyone has a set of light weights at home (and if you don't you can get them super cheap at a variety of places like Marshall's of 5 Below). We often think of those super light weights as great for working our shoulders with something like a fly or an overhead press. As you build up those muscles pushing large weights over your head may not be accessible so you start with the lower weight. However, when it comes to doing classic moves like Bicep or Tricep curls we immediately think that 5lb weights aren't going to do us any good unless we stand there and do 30 or 40 reps (and ain't nobody got time for that). 

Well, we're here to show you that you can get a super burn by making just a few small adjustments. Now you can work those bi's and tri's without going out to buy a whole new set of weights.