Move of the Week: Renegade Rows into Shoulder Press

Today's move is a killer... a total body killer that is. These 2 exercises are a great combination that can be done at home with some light dumbbells. By combining the two exercises you're going to get a great shoulder, back, core AND glute exercise to leave your entire body feeling tight and toned.

The first is a Renegade Row that is perfect for your core and upper back. Remember to keep your abs tight and your back flat as you pull the weights up and back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull the weight back to really work your upper back.

The second workout is a Kneeling Press. Keep your glutes and core engaged as you push the weights up over your head to really work the top of your shoulders. If you're feeling strain you can put your hands in a more neutral grip to take pressure off your shoulders.