5 Things Matt Learned From Perform Better's 3 Day Summit 7/15-7/17

On today's blog we're all about getting our learn on. So we're bringing in trainer and coach Matt Prez to share the top 5 things he learned from the Perform Better's Conference last weekend. Keep an eye out next week for Coach Joey's top 5 take-aways.

1) Rachel Cosgrove spoke to us trainers about marketing tips and how to get out in the community more. She used a wheel to demonstrate the marketing tools that are beneficial for our industry. We came back pumped and ready to find new ways to get the brand out there and reward our clients. Look for Jtab to be making some positive noise in the community in the near future! 

2) Martin Rooney's emphasis on igniting the fire within clients with his great motivational speeches.   Martin is one of the most passionate trainers out there and his speeches show it and motivate all the trainers that listen to him to be better at coaching and insisting top effort in their clients, which is something Matt can't wait to bring back to the gym. He also had a new Hurricane workout that Matt crushed and crushed him at 8am Saturday haha.  Look for parts of it(or all of it) in Matt's Saturday bootcamps and training sessions soon!  

3) Craig Liebenson's talk was very interesting.  He has a non-traditional approach to chiropractic care.  His talk was focused on training the client and not only using rehab protocols.  This speaks to Jtab's philosophy of customized workouts geared towards every individual client and need. He showed and talked about great, new ways to get the client's core "reset" from exercise, that didn't just rely on traditional rehab techniques.  Craig really thinks outside the box and so does Matt and the trainers at Jtab. 

4) Sue Falsone was the first female ever in the MLB to work as a head trainer/physical therapist.  Her talk was about pain, chronic and acute, and knowing how to deal and treat people with chronic pains.  She dove into the physiology behind people's pain and how to use different cues to interact with clients.  This is an on-going work in progress as everyone that we see in the gym has different pain triggers and different past experiences that bring on certain responses to stress/pain.  

5) John Graham talked about training the youth athlete and having specialized forms and evaluations for them.  John believed in using different eval's for youth athletes compared to adults.  Keep an eye out for more notes from Matt on this topic, as training middle school and HS athletes at Jtab Training is a huge priority..    

Look back next week to get Coach Joey's top 5 take home notes from this incredible Seminar.