5 Things Coach Joey Learned at the Perform Better Summit

Last week we brought you Coach Matt's 5 take home notes from the Perform Better 3 Day Summit in Providence, RI and this week I (Coach Joey) am bringing you my top 5.

1) Detox by Robert Yang. Mr. Yang talked about different ways to detox and cleanse your body.  We are inundated with millions of toxins everyday from the air we breath to the food we eat, which is why we need to detox daily.  His simple, yet tried and true, approaches are to a) sweat daily, b) don't use anti-antiperspirant, c) use green household products, and d) eat as organic as possible (which he stated is not a fad and really important to consider).    

2) Training by Mike Boyle's Group.  Mike Boyle's group of trainers always focus on safe performance based training and included many ways to train your legs without bilateral squatting, which may be difficult for some people.  They train many professional athletes so it's extra important they consider reducing injuries while training.  Jtab already incorporates many of these practices to keep patients safe yet make them strong, but we were excited to learn even more ways to train those with injuries or sensitivities.   

3) Big Toe Importance by Emily Splichal.  Dr Emily (a foot doctor) talked about the importance of creating that steady base with your big toe.  She hammered the importance of "short foot" to create stability and balance.  Dr. Emily is a big proponent of barefoot training to increase sensory stimulation on the bottom of your feet. Check out more from her below:


4) Internet Marketing and Local Networking by Rachel Cosgrove.  I attended this lecture to improve on my weaknesses with business.  Rachel talked about different approaches to make network marketing more effective to grow your business.  She also touched on networking with other local companies to establish a bigger presence in the community.  I will be trying to use some of these great tips to increase my business. 

5) Back to Basics Warmup Calisthenic Routine by Charlie Weingroff.  Dr. Charlie is one of the guys when you see him you would think he's as stiff as a nail.....  'cause he looks about as strong as a brick wall.  His talk was about warming up the general population with basic calisthenics to get their core temp raised to become more pliable/mobile/flexible.  During his talk on stage he likes to get into a split while talking and simply remind people you can be "flexible" and "strong as an ox" together.  He used simple toe touch and lateral lunge progressions to warm up the body.  I will be adding his simple approach into some small group classes soon.