Fitness Fitness Everywhere Yet No Where To Be Found

So here I was sitting in a cafe/bar in downtown EG Saturday night (where all the cool people hang out at night apparently).  Next to me were mid-aged couples chatting and then my ears perked up when I heard them talk about the gym and "working out".  I tend to eavesdrop everytime I hear people talk about fitness, nutrition or "da gym" to see what their perception of fitness is.  I do this obviously since it's my career/job/thing that I do during the day to pay the bills (just kidding it's my passion and love).  This was just the latest time, and while it' is a usual occurrence, I find myself still frustrated with many's lack of fitness or "real knowledge" of what they should be doing or eating for optimal health. 

Before I go any further, any type of "fitness" is usually better than no "fitness" at all and I'm all for anything that gets people moving freely without injury.  My struggle comes from people not getting results when they spend their time doing some type of activity.  This is the reason behind why I started my gym Jtab Training 5 years ago this month.  I wanted to change the map of fitness in NK/EG where it was mostly ruled by treadmills at the local YMCA and other "gyms" nearby.  Strength training took a backseat to cardio and I really felt it needed to step up and come to the forefront.  (I won't  get into all the benefits of strength vs cardio right now, that's another blog for another time). 

I know that strength training is going to show better results of fat loss/body composition/better living in way less time.  After all, don't most people "workout" to look and feel better? ( If there is another main reason, I'd like to know!)  Small studios/gyms like Jtab Training (that follow the same philosophies that I do) offer the best bang for your fitness buck. This is where you'll find trainers that will  spend most of your time working on strength and mobility/stability to look and feel better.  It is with this type of training that you are going to see better results, more quickly vs. simply goes to walk/run on the treadmill for the same amount of time.  Gyms like Jtab Training offer way more than just putting you on a fitness routine (there are soo many programs in magazines to follow nowadays).  The major benefit is fine tuning a routine for YOUR fitness level which will give you the most bang for your buck each and every time you enter the studio.  Also with semi-private/small group sessions, the mantra of "personal training is SOO expensive" doesn't exist.  We created a system that can be afforded and used by most anyone and everyone here! 

If your fitness routine needs a tune up and/or major overhaul, please feel free to contact me here!  I would love to get you started on the strength training path to optimal health and fitness!