Move Monday: Goblet Squat

It's MLK Day and at J-Tab Training we don't take a day off! The gym is rocking today and we're back with a brand new move for you. Goblet Squats are an awesome way to work your glutes and tighten and tone your legs all while using your abs to brace yourself. By holding a weight in front of you it forces your abs tight throughout the entire exercise. You can use a dumbbell, kettlebell or anything you have at home that can add some weight. If you need a little more of a gauge of how to far squat, put a low box behind you.

Things To Remember:

- Keep your abs tight and locked to work them, as well as protect your lower back
- Keep you spine straight and shoulders down and back
- Knees follow your toes and point slightly out
- Squeeze your glutes at the top.