Move Monday: Half Kneel One Arm Pull Down

The Half Kneel One Arm Pull Down is one of those multi dimensional moves that is designed not only to work your body but to assist you throughout the rest of your workout. By working your lats and back, this pull down is the perfect way to strengthen if you struggle with doing the more traditional pull up. On top of that, this move is designed to assist you in other workouts, like deadlifts, so you can continue to increase your lifts safely and effectively.

Check out the video below to see how to perform this move as well my tips and tricks to get the most out of this workout:

Things to remember about your form:

- On the kneeling leg, keep your glutes tight and engaged
- Use your opposite hand to hold down your rib cage
- Make sure your elbow move straight down your side
- Feel your lats squeezing (think about crushing someone's fingers in your armpits)

Check back next Monday for another exercise to add to your workout routine. Now get out there and get stronger!