Move of the Week: Thanksgiving Day Stretches

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while we are all excited for that delicious dinner, we all know how we're going to feel afterwards. Our stomachs are full, and our backs and hips ache from sitting in chairs all day. Today, our Move of the Week features a series of stretches that you can do right in your chair (or on the couch before your tryptophan coma) that will help open up your hips, stretch out your back and get your glutes firing. So, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, but get at least a little movement in your day to help prevent those post dinner pains.


Move of the Week: Full Body Warmup/Stretch

Warming up and stretching can be one of the things that many people forget about. Usually they rush right into their workout, without giving their muscles and body time to stretch out, and prepare for the work ahead. Today's move is a great all over stretch and warm up that won't take up too much of your exercise time. This move stretches out your hip flexors and gets your blood pumping, while working your thoracic mobility, shoulder stability and hamstring flexibility. It really is an all-in-one warm up!