lower back pain


Mini Band Lower Body Working pt. 1 of 2

Today we're featuring one of the favorite tools at Jtab Training, the mini band! At about $2 per band, this is something you can easily pick up at any gym supply store or online. So grab yours (or ask me to order one for you) and start using it at home for some great resistance training.

Today is part 1 of a 2 part series featuring the mini band and we're starting with the lower body. This series of 3 exercises features glute walks, squats and glute bridges which can all be done without extra weights at home. Not only will these moves help shape your legs and glutes, but offer you better balance and stability, relieve pressure from your lower back, AND burn calories.


Funny Friday: Pick Up a Pen Without Throwing Out Your Back

I know this video is a good laugh, but did you know that 80% of people experience back pain in their lifetime? Did you also know that the #1 cause of back injuries is everyday activity - like picking up a pen off the floor. While it may not seem important, you should always put in the same thought and effort you would put into doing a deadlift at the gym, as you would picking up something light. Tips to keep in mind:

- Bend at the knees and hips
- Keep your core engaged and tight

These two quick things will go a long way towards protecting your lower back and keeping it pain free for the long haul.