Benefits of Strength Training for the Older Population

Strength Training is not only for the working class and athletes. It MIGHT be most important for the population that is heading into, or already into retirement and beyond.

Let me explain why it’s SO important for the baby boomer generation.

 1)    Power output- While we normally think that athletes are the only ones that need to train for power for their sport (baseball swings, volleyball spikes, hard football hits and powerful lacrosse shots), it turns out that this is just as important for non-athletes as well. As we age (some say anyone past 30) we lose power output (ability to generate force). This is crucial to get back as much as we can because power output has many benefits for older adults. Falling is one of the main concerns getting into our 70s, 80s, and 90s. If we have some powerful legs and hips still we can usually catch ourselves so we don’t fall and break or fracture bones. In addition, nominal tasks become much harder without power output. Powerful lower bodies will make even going up a flights of stairs. let alone carrying a basket of laundry up them, much easier.

2)    Strong(er)- Want to carry your grandkids around? You need to be strong to be able to do so. Want to be able to play around with your grandkids up and down on the floor and around the house? You need to be strong and mobile, all things strength training does for you.

3)    Injury prevention- Carrying your grandkids (or laundry, or other household items) around will bring big problems to your back, neck, shoulders if you aren’t resilient and strong. Getting strong(er) will help prevent injuries while doing these every day “life” tasks. You also want to be able to do those kinds of things long into the future, and strength training will allow you to be able to do those for years to come!

Those are 3 of the main, most important points to think about heading into retirement in terms of living your best life (as all the cool young kids say nowadays). Looking to stay strong and do so in a safe environment tailored for you? Every Tuesday 10am I am teaching this class, anyone retirement age and older is welcome! At $10/person per class it’s a steal to learn proper strength training fundamentals. Simply show up, or email for more information.