Volleyball Team Training Program Now For Sale!

You know your High School Volleyball Team needs a strength training program. But do you know where to get one from someone you trust?  The owner of Jtab Training, Joey Taraborelli, is not only a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) (known as the Gold Standard Certification in Strength and Conditioning), but also was an All State High School Volleyball player, and 1st Team All Southeast and All Conference Collegiate Volleyball player, and High School Coach.  What's the benefits of choosing someone who not only can design proper training programs but knows your sport inside and out?  You get someone someone that was in the “trenches” in your sport,  and knows what it takes to get strong and stay safe during your season. 

I have a great and simple (simple doesn’t mean easy, it means simple to execute and straightforward) program designed specifically for High School Volleyball athletes.  I created it to run as a rotation 3 day program (with a 4th day optional for extra hypertrophy work) over the course of 3 months.  It is a program that can either be done in a strength gym (if your school offers one) or can be done in most commercial gyms.  It works on each individual player's strength and comfort level, as they are in charge of increase weight on the main lifts and assessor lifts throughout their season.  

Included in the package are  videos for all exercises and warm up drills (both male and female athletes demonstrating), so each player can see how to properly execute every drill. This 3 month program is designed specifically for off-season and pre-season.  For the season I will be creating another template so they can stay strong, yet not be too tired for their games.  

To come train with me in person for those 3 months would cost you an assessment fee of $60 (which I would be glad to assess any RI H.S. volleyball player first before they start) and $110/month for each player.  While nothing beats training with me in person (so I can monitor their form every set), I understand that some kids can not make it down to E.G./N.K. 3-4 times a week consistently.  That is why I am offering this as a 3 month package to take to your own gym.  

Prices are as follows: $150 ($50/month for 3 months) for the program per team.  I will be available to that athlete for questions regarding their training during the program.