Amy Does Purium: Day 2

Ahh Day 2. Still feeling the motivation that you have at the beginning of any diet, but definitely beginning to feel overwhelmed. I'm hungry, and the idea of 3 more days of this is a little much for me right now.

Like any other day, the morning/early afternoon were easy for me. I tend to not really eat a lot in the morning (except for a protein shake and a piece of fruit), so this isn't really a challenge for me. I even felt good and energized during my workout this morning.  Then 2pm hit....

I was hungry and exhausted. The tired part I know is coming from the fact that I've cut out my normal daily IV of caffeine. My regular 3-4 cups of coffee has been stipped to one morning cup only. And yes, I know I'm not supposed to be having any but unless you want me to turn into a violent, rage monster, you'll let me have my one cup of coffee.

The hungry part was a little tougher to deal with. Late afternoon into the evening is the time that I normally eat. And when I mean eat I mean I snack, eat dinner, and then snack again. And today was no exception. After my afternoon shake I found myself wandering around the kitchen, opening up the fridge and pantry and just staring at all the food I couldn't eat.

But, all that said, I think (I hope) I'm going to be ok. I think I'm going to be able to make it through another day. Instead of looking at the 3 days I have left (really? 3 whole days?) I'm trying to look at it each day, and meal, at a time. If I look at it as a whole it's too overwhelming. If I look at it as just getting through the next 2 hours before I can have a shake or piece of fruit again, it really makes the entire situation much more bearable. 

Being hungry isn't going to kill me. I'm getting all the nutrients my body needs and I'm fueling it property, even if that comes with a serious reduction in calories. Now, can someone just tell my stomach that?