Move of the Week: Leg Circuit

It's so beautiful out today that we decided to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Since the weather is FINALLY warming up, today's move actually consists of 3 different exercises put together into a circuit. (Hey, short season will be here quicker than you think, so you'll be thanking me later). In this "Move of the Week" we're combining squats, lunges and jumping to get your heart racing, fat melting and your butt high and tight!

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  • Keep your knees pointed out
  • Keep your abs and core tight and engaged
  • Keep your chest tall
  • Stay back on your heels
  • When jumping, land softly
  • If jumping is too hard on your knees you can sub out for mini step-up (on a box or ledge) or more lunges
  • Attempt 8-10 of each exercise per circuit